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Interview Simon Kjær after Denmark - Scotland

Interview: Eurosport · 1 Sep 2021

Simon Kjær interview right after Denmark against Scotland on September 1, 2021. What is he most excited about?

Simon Kjær interview about Denmark - Scotland

Simon Kjær 2-0 against Scotland tonight. What are you most excited about when it comes to your performance?

Simon Kjær: "That we've won. I think that the intensity in the first half was great. We got them moving around and we made great goals. During the second half, we ran much foward in the attacks. We tried many times and we didn’t get nervous about some situations.

It was special to be here today. Something we just have to get used to after all that happened. I’m so happy to be here in this setting, the victory and we got off to a good start after the European Championship."

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Can you try to put into words why it was so special to get back today?

Simon Kjær: "Well ... it tells it by itself. Everything that happened in the games against Finland, Belgium and Russia, the whole summer, it was so special. And to be here today under "normal" circumstances is something we just have to take in and digest. But it’s, as I said before this game, it’s insane to be here and it’s a pleasure every time."

"To be here today under "normal" circumstances is something we just have to take in and digest."

- Simon Kjær, captain of the Danish national football team

How important was this setting to you for that energy you delivered in first half?

Simon Kjær: "Totally crazy. But for us to know that when we're at Parken, fully packed, with this support and atmosphere, it will keep us moving on. We saw it in the first half and it was wonderful."

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.