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AC Milan season 2023-2024 featuring Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær is with AC Milan for the 2023-2024 season of Serie A and Champions League. A ton of newbies have joined the squad, but luckily they have Simon Kjær, who is the most experienced of all. Read the latest.

23 September 2023: AC Milan vs Hellas Verona

A very special one, Simon Kjær's 100th appearance for AC Milan. Simon played an excellent match, that ended in a 1-0 victory.

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16 September 2023: Inter vs AC Milan

The derby against Inter ended in a 5-1 defeat. Simon Kjær played a good match. His stats were excellent, with a 92% passing accuracy and 11 out of 12 duels won. Nevertheless, the defeat hurts. Simon Kjær: "This is a setback, especially for the fans but for us too."

When Milan faces a defeat, Simon has to do the talking. Because he can. It is incredible how he puts into words what happened, how we feel and how to move on.

Thank you Simon for your words. We need you in every way.

26 August 2023: AC Milan vs Torino

Simon Kjær started the 79th minute against Torino. AC Milan won with 4-1.

When he arrived at San Siro stadium, Simon Kjær once again proved to be the best looking footballer.

During the match AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan got injured, and was looked after by Simon Kjær.

21 August 2023: Bologna vs AC Milan

AC Milan's first match of the 2023-2024 season was against Bologna on 21 August 2023. Simon entered the match in the 88th minute. AC Milan won with 2 - 0.

Look at these sweet scenes of Simon Kjær and Rafael Leão. Make sure to check the special feature on this website about those two, if you haven't done that yet.

Simon Kjær fixtures with AC Milan 2023-2024

When does Simon Kjær play for AC Milan, Denmark and Champions League? Check out all fixtures.

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