News · 14 February 2023

Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 1-0 over Tottenham

Simon Kjaer was absolutely on fire against Tottenham. He made Harry Kane disappear. AC Milan won 1-0 in this Champions League match on 14 February 2023. Simon played, our better say: fought. The entire match.

Fan comments

- "I love how Simon Kjær gives everything, no fear."

- "Kjær destroys Kane, is what they're saying."

- "They do right in praising Simon. He's been working hard. He knows Kane and has studied every move in advance."

- "I wouldn't be suprised if Pioli showed Simon a picture of Kane in the dressing room."

- "No one will be able to fight Kane like Simon does."

What's next?

The return Champions League match will be on Wednesday 8 March 2023 at 21:00. Check out all fixtures.

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